We believe that soccer is the most powerful tool in the world to connect with people. At Impact City FC, we help players become leaders who change the world. 

One of the proven ways we do that is by providing chaplaincy to pro players and clubs. With an increasing number of athletes struggling with mental health, and a growing number of internationals coming to U.S. based leagues for the first time on short term contracts, player care has become a priority for many clubs.


ICFC first got started in St. Louis, MO. There was no grand vision at that time, simply a field and availability to love and serve the community in a creative way. Through our pro chaplaincy, youth club, and CityReach programs we have seen the brokenhearted find healing and wholeness. We have seen the eyes of the spiritually blind open. We have seen those held captive by anger, hatred, lust and greed be set free. And the truth is, God isn’t done yet. There is more to be done.

In 2019 God expanded the vision for Impact City FC beyond St. Louis. In 2020, we moved forward by faith to replicate this self-sustainable model of soccer ministry for the first time into South Florida. Over the next 3 years we will multiply the ministry model into 6 more US cities in an effort to actively develop 8,000 players to become leaders who will transform their city.


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You are a part of a growing community of people believing that change is possible. Together, we can see today’s players become tomorrow’s leaders. Our monthly e-newsletter shares stories of transformation and ways you can continue to be a part of Impact City FC.


Your sacrificial generosity is so significant to the mission. Impact City FC’s ability to reach people is directly correlated to your giving. As each of us play our part we can see today’s players become tomorrow’s leaders who serve their city and change the world.