We believe soccer is the most powerful
tool in the world to connect with people.

We believe that soccer is the most powerful tool in the world to connect with people. At Impact City FC, we help players become leaders who change the world. 

One of the proven ways we do that is by providing chaplaincy to professional clubs. With an increasing number of athletes struggling with mental health, and a growing number of internationals coming to U.S. based leagues for the first time on short term contracts, player care has become a priority for many clubs.

Our chaplaincy service is free of charge for the clubit provides environments for players to be cared for in difficult times, find wisdom for daily life, ask spiritual questions, develop as leaders, serve the community, and grow in their faith if they choose. Impact City FC is a member of the Pro Chaplains Network that serves teams across MLS, USL, & NWSL, as well as the USMNT.

Impact City FC provides opportunities for players to leverage their platform through serving in urban communities, in youth programs and on overseas missions experiences. We understand the importance of another trusted voice in the lives of young men to help them become leaders on and off the field. A trusted and gifted Chaplain has been that voice for many over the years. 

For more information on beginning chaplaincy in your city email;


What we have done with Saint Louis FC since 2015 is a great example of positive affect a Chaplain can have in a city: 

  • free clinics for refugees
  • serving meals to the homeless
  • optional weekly chaplaincy meetings for players (5-12 players attend)
  • free summer clinics in urban neighborhoods
  • appearances and private training at youth programs
  • raising money to fly family from Africa to watch their son play for the first time
  • players traveling to Bolivia in the offseason to meet needs